Avi Completes 60 Day Juice Fast with Incredible Results


I have never experienced the level of spiritual freedom I discovered through the process I had to go through in dying to my flesh. I feel like I'm born again "AGAIN"!

Here's a brief testimony from some notes I took on March 17th - less than halfway complete....

My mother asked me how I was feeling - this is what I said - 

"I'm Juice fasting with protein supplements. Never felt better. Down 20 pounds to 198. I have more energy. I'm more alert. I'm more affective at my work. I'm not tired. My body is no longer swollen. No more chronic headaches. No sign of allergies (I had always experienced allergies that time of the year). I'm off the blood pressure medications that I have been taking for over 20 years - my BP is normal. No more BreathRite strips since I don't snore anymore - just ask my wife!

I have relationships of greater depth and intimacy with my wife and children that they say they have never experienced by their own testimonies. I'm a much better preacher. It doesn't hurt walking up stairs. I'm eating most of the vegetables that I shunned my entire life - raw tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, spinach, celery and more. I have more vision and hope. The kids (not really kids - most on my 10 children are grown adults with spouses and families of their own) almost don't recognize me as the same person. Leading a community worship night at our congregation tonight open to the Episcopalians, Methodists, Methodists, Catholics, non-denominational worshippers for community unity in the Lord."

May His blessings overtake your life as you go! Blessed be the Name of the L-rd! Baruch Hashem! Avi


Avi in bounce house with grandkids!!

"Nothing more fun than having enough energy to play with the grandchildren!!!" Avi

Bounce House set up in our front yard at our home "Shiloh Farm" in Denver, NC